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Multi-Directional Educational Spelling Game! 5 Hype Word Game: Limited Availability!

Hype Reviews!

"Hype is really cool. I love to play it with my older sister."
"I really love this game it is very clever and great fun!"
"We play this game in school and I love the way you can turn the letters upside down!"
"Fantastic game for all ages. Fergal absolutely loves it And I am happy to play Hype with him"
Parent (Irish)
Parent (Irish) Kilkenny Educate Together
"I see Hype as a great spelling resource & an excellent problem solving tool because it challenges children to think logically to improve their scores"
Dermot Dunphy (Principal)
Dermot Dunphy (Principal) Urlingford National School
"I highly recommend it as an excellent spelling resource. We use it to reinforce spelling and record our weekly scores"
Maria O'Mahony (Principal)
Maria O'Mahony (Principal) Templeorum National School
"I have been using Hype in learning support. My pupils get very excited at the prospect of playing this game"
Ann Purcell (Learning Support)
Ann Purcell (Learning Support) Clinstown National School
"Our students have found Hype an addictive and entertaining new element to their literacy lessons. We find students are motivated to play the game”
Catriona Delaney (English)
Catriona Delaney (English) Kilkenny Youth Reach
"The old cliché goes ‘sometimes the simplest ideas are the best’ and so it is with Hype. One of the most addictive word games I have played in a long time”
Simon Lewis (Principal)
Simon Lewis (Principal) Carlow Educate together